Big Email Mistake by NHS System

Big Email Mistake by NHS System

On Monday, NHS emailing system has sent email mistakenly 840.000 of his employees while they testing the system.

After lots of employees replied the email, more email send to the system in morning than the normal email count in one month.

As a result people got angry to who ‘reply to all’ and insisted to not reply. People who insist in replying the email hope they go to hell, Renal Surgery NHS.

NHS IT workers estimating, nearly 200 million unnecessary mail sent back to the system just in 4 hour. NHS IT also clarified that this huge mistake caused by a bug in the emailing system. The bug, entered 840.000 people to the distribution list.

Some of the users reported they having troubles to use their account and even can not login or access to their account.

Prof. Baker admitted the mistake and asked people to calm down and be patient for resolving the problem.

By mistake or not, there is not a acceptable way of the behaving of the people who been angry to people who replied the email back. There is not another normal way of replying the email sent to them by a cooperation that they been following. The company should admit their mistake and apologize to the users.

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