How the Scammers Getting Your Email Addresses?

Scammers Getting Your Email Addresses

Do you getting tons of email and you don’t know what the heck are they? We call that unwanted emails scam. Scammers finding your emails and sending emails to get you in their environment. Furthermore they will keep sending until you block their email addresses. But, how they are getting our email addresses? There is some methods scammers do to find your email addresses.

First way to find an email address is, using bots. Bots or we call them web crawlers, searching between the websites and trying to find email addresses. Open information sites like forums, dating sites or social network sites letting your information to see from everyone. So these crawlers easily finding your emails and adding their databases. Another way of crawlers do to get your email addresses is requesting your email address from your browser. Some of web sites getting your information without your permission and even without you notice.

Second way of scammers do is, getting emails from mailing list services. Mailing list services are stores your email addresses. What scammers do is, requesting email addresses from the services or buying them or hacking the email list service databases. This is the most collective way to obtain email addresses.

Another way to get email addresses is, trying billions of possibilities by randoming programs. These programs sending emails to every possible chance of an email address can be. Every email address consist of 2 parts. First part is called name, that is your personal choice about your email address. However the second part is domain part. This part is occurring after your email address @ emblem. So this part is easy to detect cause there just several domain names people can get their email addresses form like google, yahoo or something. For the first part is, scammers entering the every possibility to their sending list. For example your email addresses is [email protected] , so scammers sends emails to aab, aba, baa names also. So they just trying their chances. If you had an email and its ask you to confirm or unsubscribe, that is a trap to confirm your self to scammers that they find your email address. So to prevent this, don’t respond the emails that you don’t know where they come from.

To protect your email address from scammers you can use disposable, temporary email addresses. This method can keep your private information safe when you using a program or entering unreliable web sites.

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