How to protect from Spam Emails

protect from spam emails

Using spare emails and not registering to unknown websites are most basic ways to be protected from spam emails. Or, we can follow that ways for protecting from spam emails.

- Using temporary emails are exist.

Usually people are using google email services "Gmail". But for our basic works you should use temporary emails. Temporary email addresses are which you can create account in ten seconds, without register, verify and basicly.

- Block unknown websites, illegal, bets etc.

If your account registation with a your official email address, it will always problem for you and for your email security. Because they will send you many advertisement, many things which you dont interesting. So, if you receive always spams, you must block that kind of websites to wont you send emails.

For this websites always use temporary email address to protect your self, your emails.

- Your account should be active and verify.

While you are using your official emails it have to be phone and all of verify. If your accounts are not verify your emails services will know you, you are spam and you doesnt care your accounts and it will let you to get spam and scams.

-Do not give your offical email address to everyone.

Usually people are doesnt care their emails and giving everyone to special emails. We are saying: If you dont know who are they, do not give your official email address only you can give your temporary email address.

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