PayPal scam emails reported

paypal scam emails

A lot of PayPal users reported that they have received and email that says your account has been limited and wants you to confirm your identity.

The site that leads you for confirmation in the email they sent is a fake PayPal web site to get your personal information about you and your account. After taking your personal information the scammers can steal your money and even your identity reported by PayPal.

Another report from PayPal says, like every organization PayPal will not send you an email that ask you for your personal information, account name, password or want you to fill the security questions. "If you think you've received a phishing email, forward it to [email protected] and then delete the fake email from your mailbox," reported from PayPal.

"If you've responded to a fraudulent email and believe your PayPal account may now have been accessed, you should report the unauthorized access immediately." says another report from PayPal.

To keep your self safe, check the link they sent to you properly or just delete it anyway and report it to PayPal by email.

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