Julie Sweet says how you write emails can hurt your career

Julie Sweet says how you write emails can hurt your career

Julie Sweet, CEO of a $16 billion business, Accenture’s North America and supervises more than 50,000 workers says the way you write emails can hurt your career.

Of course, she is knowledgeable about the important skills in the business world.

Sweet says investing on excellent communication skills both face-to-face and in writing like using email would be the best investment for a professional.

She adds that people underestimate the significance of investing communication skills which is key to career progress.

Bosses know whether their employees communicate well or not.

Sweet says that an employee who write succinct and to the point emails are valued and others who don’t may lose their career prospects. Sweet tells she herself practices every year to improve her communication skills.

To make your communication skills better, experts suggest you to follow these recommendations:

  • While speaking, sit up or stand up straight
  • Don’t speak quickly or in a higher tone
  • Take notes before speaking so as to organize your thoughts.
  • When you write an email, keep the message to the point.

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